The success of the Czech IT company KOMIX: expansion into Switzerland and its new client Nestlé

2. 3. 2021clock Press Release - reading

    The Czech Republic is becoming too small for KOMIX, so it has decided to expand into the Swiss market. “In terms of digitization, Switzerland is very similar to the Czech market. ompanies demand solutions from basic automation projects to comprehensive solutions for the entire IT infrastructure,” says Patrik Banas, the director of the new KOMIX Swissbranch.
    According to Mr. Banas, digitization in Switzerland is to a certain extent happening very spontaneously. Businesses are trying to move to the online environment as much as possible. And so it is necessary to saturate their demand. “KOMIX also has great references in the form of ŠKODA AUTO, which is helping the local business a lot. The Swiss literally love Škoda. It is also important for them to have a partner which is physically located in their country,” explains Mr. Banas.
    One of the first successes of the KOMIX Swiss branch is the acquisition of a new client, Nestlé. “Nestlé has its own LMS system, a global workshop and training catalog. It was necessary to give it a unified face, logic, simply, to create a one-stop shop portal. Now, there are 465 different trainings available, in different parts of the world, for different levels and positions of employees. We are planning to gradually expand the catalog to include more than 2,000 items by the end of the year,” describes Patrik Banas, working with Nestlé, adding that KOMIX Swiss is now preparing projects for a client from the energy sector.
    Find out more about the course of the first KOMIX SWISS project for Nestlé in our reference.



Zuzana Matějková

Zuzana Matějková